Digital Space (Cyber Space)

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Digital Space 

        Digital Economy 

        Digital Transformation

AI Organizations 

AI Conferences 

AI - Articles

Digital Space 

   Kilnam Chon, Digital Space, Asia Internet History, Fourth  Decade (2010s), 2021.

   Kilnam Chon, Governances of Digital Space and Its Aspects, Asia Internet History, Fourth Decade (2010s), 2021.

    EC, Shaping Europe's digital future, 2020.

    EC, Digital Markets Act, 2020.

    EC, Digital Services Act, 2020.

    House of Representatives, US Government, Investigation of competition in digital markets, 2020.

Digital Economy 

   Accenture, Future of Artificial Intelligence Economic Growth | Accenture, 2017.

   Bloomburg,  AI Will Add $15.7 Trillion to the Global Economy, 2017.

   Infographic AI effect on economy - Business Insider, 2017.

   The global economy will be $16 trillion bigger by 2030 thanks to ..., 2017.

   The AI Economy 2025: Eight Trends that will Shape Our Future ..., 2017.

   UNCTAD, UN, Digital Economy Report 2019.

Digital Transformation

  Kilnam Chon, Digital transformation, UNIST Digital Workshop, 2023.1.31.
  Glocom, Digital transformation culture, 2022.
  McKinsey, Digital transformations, 2023.1.5.
  Thomas Siebel, Digital transformation, 2019.

AI Organizations 

    Center for Governance of AI, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford

    Center for Human-Compatible AI, UC Berkeley

    EU, European AI Alliance; Trustworthy AI, 2019.     

    Future of Life Institute; Beneficial AI Conferences, AI Alignment Podcast

    Human Centered AI, Stanford

AI Conferences  

   EU, The first European AI Alliance Assembly | Digital Single Market, 2019.6.26.

   Future of Life Institute, Beneficial AI 2015, Beneficial AI 2017, Beneficial AI 2019, (and Future of AI, 2015).

          Max Tegmark (Video), Research Teams, Publications, AI Conferences (2015, 2016), Research Institutes

   Science fiction vs science fact: World’s leading AI experts come to Cambridge | University of Cambridge

   AI and Society Symposium, Tokyo, 2017.

   MIRI Workshops

   NeurIPS (NIPS) Conferences

   AAAI Conferences (with AI, Ethics and Society Summit), ...., Honolulu 2019,2, New York 2020.2, (online) 2021.2

   AIES Conference (by AAAI/ACM), (online) 2021.5.


   IEEE, AI & Ethics, TechEthics, Global Initiative

   Open AI Conference

   NYU Workshops

   UAE Conference on AI Governance, 2019.2.

  AI Conferences in Korea 

   AI in Asia, (by Digital Asia Hub), Korea University Law School, Seoul, 2016.12.21   

   AI Today: Governance and Accountability, SNU Center for Law and Economics, 2018.8.24, 2019.8, (and Seminar in 2019 Spring), 2020

   Taming Artificial Intelligence: Engineering, Ethics, and Policy (by KAIST), Seoul, 2018.6.21. [program]   

   International Conference on AI, Ethics Governance, KAIS, Seoul, 2018.8.24

   Post-AI Symposium, Seoul National University, Seoul, 2018.10.18-19

   AI+, KAIST (AI+Law, 2019.11.22, AI+Education, AI+Journalism,...)

   AI, 법, 인간, 2019.12.18. (more in 2019 and 2020)

AI Articles

   Accenture, Future of Artificial Intelligence Economic Growth | Accenture

   AI and Society, AI Organization List, 2017. 

   AI Now, 2019 Report, 2019.12.

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   MIT Technology Review, Should a self-driving car kill the baby or the grandmother, 2019.12.

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   Max Tegmark, Life 3.0

   Texplore, New AI system to evolve to evade the internet censorship, 2019.11.

   UNESCO, Draft Recommendation on Ethics of AI, 2020.5.15.

   Wired, Why Google lets slow-walking on its break-through on AI?, 2019.11.17.