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  1990                        DARPA Technical Accomplishments; A Historical Review of  Selective Projects by Sidney Reed, IDA P-2192.
  2020                        Strategic  vision  on quantum network, Whitehouse, Quantum  internet blueprint  workshop, DoE
  2020                        EU,  Framework of ethical  aspects  of  AI,  robotics and related technologies.
  2020                        EU,  Data  Governance Act. (and  Open Data in 2019)
  2021                        The AI Act (proposal to EU)
  2021.11                   White Paper on China's Computing Power Development Index, CSET
  2021.12                   Global Survey: State  of AI in  2021, McKinsey
  2022.01                   Intelligence needs to be driven by mind, Songchun Zhu
   2022.01                  Ellen Barry's Interview of MIT Professor Gang Chen, NYT. (ChinAI #171, 2022.1.31)
  2022.01                   China's new AI governnace should not be ignored, Carnegie Endowment
  2020.01                   Explainable AI development report, Tencent.
  2022.02.02              US can compete with China on AI.
  2022.02.07              Robot at work in China, Stanford Digital Economy Lab.
  2022.02.22              China is about regulating AI, Wired.
  2022.02                   AI  frameworks development - a white paper, chinai newsletter.
  2022.03.02              Cyber  realism  in  a time of  war, Lawfare.
  2022.03.03              COVID-19 may be finally ending, McKinsey
  2022.                       Digital Currencites, Hoover Institute,
  2022.3                     Responsible development of digital assets, White House
  2022.4.21                AI  Act,  EU. (Blue Print of AI Bill of  Rights,  USA)
  2022.4                     2022 AI Index Report, HAI, Stanford     
  2022/2008               Jon Crowcroft's tutorial ppt
  2022.4.15                Mapping US-China  Technology Decoupling and Dependency, Stanford
  2022.4.25                US-China technological decoupling,  Jon Bateman, Carnegie Endowment,
  2022.4.28                Future of Internet declared by White House and 55 global partners
  2022.5                     South Korea's Internet  Interconnection Rules (Senders pay rule), Internet Society
  2022.6.                    Next frontier for AI in China could add $600 billion, McKinsey.
  2022.6.                    BEREC guidelines on implementation of open internet regulation  (net neutrality,...)
  2022.7                     Welcome to Metaverse; Value Creation in Metaverse(Report),......, McKinsey
  2022.7.12                Confronting Reality in Cyberspace; Foreign policy for a Fragmented Internet, Council on Foreign Relations, [youtube]
  2022.7.20                How effective is mask during the covid-19? , medicalxpress.com
  2022                        Cloud Computing White Paper, China Academy of Information and Communication Technology
  2022                        Chips and Science Act, US Congress.
  2022.8.1                  China AI venture capital report, ChinAI #191
  2022.7.22                Sam Clark and Jesse Whittlestone, A survey on long term impact of AI, AIES, 2022.
  2022.8                     Shenzen new generation AI plan, Chinai#193
  2022.8                     Shaping AI's Future; China in Global AI Governance, Chinai#194.
  2022.8                     McKenzie,  Technology  outlook, 2022.
  2022.9                     Global data governance map, Digital trade and data governance hub
  2022.9                     McKinsey,  What is Metaverse?
  2022.10                   AI's goal may no longer be intelligence, ZDnet.
  2022.10                   OECD/EU,  GPAIS
  2022.10.18              Quantum Computing/Network; why the recent Physics Nobel Prize matters, McKinsey.
  2022.11.28              Internet traffic growth is not out of control, by Rudolf van der Berg, 2022.11.28.
  2022.                       Web3, Metaverse, and the lack of innovations, American Affairs (by  J. Funk and et al.,)
  2022.12.                  State of AI in 2022, Mckenzie
  2022.12                  ChatGPT (net.ecom/jaap,  chinAI,...) &  Google/Insider &  YouTube(many)
  2022.12                  AGI Montreal Debate #3, (Montreal Debate #2/2020.12,  Monreal Debate #1/2019)
  2022.12                  How the intenet was stolen, Then&Now, YouTube.
  2022                       Declaration for the Future of the  Internet, US Government 
  2022.10                  Blue Print for AI  Bill of Rights, Whitehouse,  USA
  2023.01.20             Glocom/6pongi(Taniwaki, Freedom on the Net, Confronting Reality in Cyberspace, Power of Crisis)
  2023.1.                   CEO's guide to Metaverse, McKinsey,  Mathew Ball, The Metaverse, 2022
  2023.2                    Responsible military use of AI, US State Department      
  2023.2                    American's lead in advanced computing is almost gone, gppreview.com.    
  2023.3                    Generative AI; Perspectives from Stanford HAI.         
  2023                       OECD AI Principles; AI Principle 1.4; Robusness, Security and Safety.
  2023.4                    AI Index Report, HAI, Stanford, 2023.
  2023                       European Union, AI Act. [Final  Draft (2024)]
  2023.4                    Internet 25 years later by Geoff Huston,  APNIC
  2023.4                   Center of AI Governance,Annual Report, Oxford University
  2023.6                   Economic impact of generative AI,  McKinsey
  2023.6                   As AI spreads, the experts predict the best and worst changes in digital life by 2035, Pew Research Center.
  2023.8                   AI Policy Newsletter, July/August, Access Partnership, 2023.8
  2023.8                   2023 Global AI Strategy Report, George Mason University.
  2023.8                   What's the future of generative AI, McKinsey.
  2023.8                   DARPA AI  Cyber challenge aims to secure nation's most critical  software.
  2023.9.27              2023 Report on the state of Digital Decade, EU.
  2023.11.1-2           UK AI Safety Summit (Global AI Governance Summit, 11.1-2), Bletcheley Declaration.
  2023                      Global Digital Compact, by UN Secretariat General.
  2023.10.31            President Biden issued the executive order on Safe, Secure and Trustworthy AI.
  2023.10.25            Frontier Model Forum; updates.
  2023.10                 State  of  AI  safety in China, Concordia AI, 2023.
  2023.12                 Cybersecuirty 2030, WEF.
  2023.12                 Elon Musk's real threat to democracy isn't what you think, Nation.
  2024.1.5                What's next for AI regulation, MIT Technology Review.
  2024.1.19              Hugh proportion of internet is AI-generated slim, futurism.com. (also in archiv.org; arxiv.org/abs/2401.05749 )
  2024.3.10-11         (Second) International dialogue on AI safety, Beijing
  2024.4                    Large Safety Model, CAICT, China
  2024.4                   Chinese Computer, Thomas Mullaney, MIT Press, 2024.
  2024.4                   Humanity at Crossroad, Autonomous weapon systems, UN General Secretariat.
  2024.5                   What's the future of AI, McKinsey. 100 articles  on  generative AI
  2024.5                   Int'l Scientific Report on Safety of Advanced AI, AI Seoul (Safety) Summit. [YouTube led by Yoshua Bengio]
  2024.5                   US Government announced global coopearation plan among AI safety organizations.
  2024.5                   WEF, 2024 Global  Risk Report; AI misinformation in elections,,...
  2024.6                   Stannford, HAI at Five, YouTube.
  2024.7                   UN General Assembly adopted China-backed AI which was supported by US and many other countries.


    2022.02.22-03.01  Vancouver(hybrid)     AAAI
    2022.03.11-20         Austin                                SXSW    
    2022.06.06-10         Online                                RightsCon
    2022.09.08-14         Singapore                         APSIG(8.8-10), APNIC(8.8-14),  APrIGF(8.12-14)
    2022.11.28-12.02  Ethiopia                             IGF
    2023.03.25-31         Yokohama                        IETF                              
    2023.06.05-09         Costa Rica                        RightsCon
    2023.08.09~11        Montreal                          AIES
    2023. 11.08~10       Wuzhen                             WIC     
    2023.10.08~12        Kyoto                                   IGF
    2023.11.26-29         Manila                                 APSIG
    2023.12.09                Kathmandu                      Technology & Digital Rights
    2024.02.22-24        Vancouver                        AAAI      
    2024.5.21-22           Seoul                                    AI Seoul (Safety) Summit    
    2024.8                          Taipei                                    APSIG(8.18-20), APrIGF(8.21~23)   
    2024.9.19-21           Beijing                                 Beijing Culture Forum  
    2024. 11       Wuzhen WIC
    2024.12.15-19        Saudi Arabia                     IGF
    2024 Fall                     Paris                                      AI  Safety Summit
    2025.2.24-27           Taipei                                    RightsCon
    2025.10/11               Montreal                             IGF
    2026                               Africa                                    RightsCon

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